Lipomarts is where you can find the most unique and trending product. Our company operates under the model of POD (Printed on Demand – all products we designed will be fulfilled after purchasing from customers). We have successfully built up a team of amazing and creative designers, marketers and that is the reason why our products are unique designs, catch up with trends, diversify product types. The whole process of printing and shipping will be made in the US. We have the most competitive pricing and all products selected must meet our quality standard and customer satisfaction. Lipomarts will ensure that all customers are satisfied when choosing with us.
We are a global e-commerce team. We have experience in designing unique POD products that meet the personalized needs of customers.
Currently, the demand for personalization is increasing very strongly, customers always want to own a product “only I have”. Therefore we want to bring personalized products to customers.
More than just a few items, we want to create a personalized paradise where customers can customize everything they want. We also want to give many customized suggestions to customers based on age, gender, trends, …
Our company operates under the model of POD. That means we will make designs to meet customer needs first. When there is an order, we will print and ship it to the customer.
Fulfillment partner: We cooperate with Burger Prints and Dreamship, reputable companies in the field of Fulfillment Service.

Our Contact information:

Monday to Friday9am-6pm Eastern

Email: [email protected]

Address: 2211 Kelton Ave, Los Angeles, California 90064, United States


+1 805 250 3655

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